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1.The Restaurant’s use of the Pure Eats and the Restaurant Application shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and the Enrolment Agreement and the privacy policy published from time to time on Pure Eats website.
2. In the event Pure Eats provides you with a Device, the following terms and conditions shall apply:
3.The Device shall be used by the Restaurant solely for the purpose of
    (a) managing Orders;
    (b) reviewing the particulars underlying the Orders;
    (c) updating the Order status;
    (d) updating Restaurant Information;
    (e) communicating with Pure Eats;
    (f) reporting erroneous Orders;
    (g) reviewing Restaurant’s performance and financial accounts relating to its business with Pure Eats and/or
    (h) any other use that may be prescribed in writing by Pure Eats in this
4. Pure Eats terms and conditions relating to Devices shall apply to any Device provided by Pure Eats to the Restaurant;
5. The Restaurant undertakes to use the Device in compliance with the instructions for use that may be issued by Pure Eats in this regard;
6. On the delivery of the Device by Pure Eats to the Restaurant, the Restaurant will be required to acknowledge the receipt of the Device in writing by executing an Asset Handover Form in the format annexed to the Agreement, and the cost of the Device will be charged to the Restaurant pursuant to the terms of the Enrolment Agreement;
7. Pure Eats grants a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty free license to the Restaurant for the use of the Device solely until the termination of this Agreement;
8. The Restaurant undertakes to and shall use the Device only for the purposes prescribed under this Agreement and that the Restaurant should not violate the intellectual property rights of Pure Eats over and in respect of the Device at any point in time;
9. The Restaurant undertakes to return the Device along with all accessories (in a full working condition as determined by Pure Eats) to Pure Eats immediately upon the termination of this Agreement or when requested by Pure Eats. The Device will be collected by Pure Eats from the Restaurant at the sole expense of Pure Eats. Upon the return of the Device along with all accessories by the Restaurant, Pure Eats and the Restaurant will be required to acknowledge the transfer of the Device in writing as instructed by Pure Eats;
10. The Restaurant acknowledges and agrees that any failure on part of the Restaurant in returning the Device (whenever requisitioned by Pure Eats or on the termination of this Agreement) will render the Restaurant liable to pay for such unreturned Device including for an appropriate action under the Applicable Laws; and
11.The Restaurant acknowledges and agrees that:
    (i) Pure Eats is not the manufacturer of any Device provided
    (ii) Pure Eats cannot provide any warranties or guarantees with respect to the quality or durability of the Device and
    (iii) it uses the Device at its own risk.
12. In the event that the Device ceases to function and the Restaurant is unable to access the Restaurant Application through any other means, the Restaurant will immediately inform Pure Eats and Pure Eats will disable the Restaurant on the Pure Eats until the Device is functional again.


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